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Erumbi Marta Monthly Sponsorship
Erumbi Marta  Monthly Sponsorship

Erumbi Marta
Birthday 03/04/2008

Sponsorship cost per month: $25.00/1 month(s)

Sponsorships Available:2

Why Sponsor Special Donation
Erumbi Marta is the younger sister of another BU "not
forgotten" child named Akuku Mercy. Our team recently visited Mercy's
home village on a mission trip and found that her sister, Erumbi, had
been taken in by a neighbor after her mother fled a violent husband back
to Kenya and the father is drunk most of the time and remarried a
mentally challenged woman. This new mother did not want the previous
wife's children in the home so she chased them away. Erumbi is cross
eyed but so vibrant and loves to be held and loved. She has never been
to school but longs for the day she can like her big sister. Won't you
consider sponsoring Erumbi today and giving her that chance?