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Kubyabwe Elizabeth Monthly Sponsorship
Kubyabwe Elizabeth Monthly Sponsorship

Kubyabwe Elizabeth
Birthdate 10/09/2002

Sponsorship cost per month: $25.00/1 month(s)

Sponsorships Available:6

Why Sponsor Special Donation

By sponsoring this child you will be helping to provide well balanced meals, medical care, tuition/school fees, and safe housing arrangements. Each child needs ten monthly sponsors to achieve this goal.

By sponsoring you will receive a special invitation to join your child's individual Facebook group called the "House". Through the "House" sponsors will receive photos, messages, and updates from their child through our in country staff of volunteers.

Once you become a sponsor you will receive a packet of information about your child with their background and current situation. You will also receive a t-shirt you can wear that will proudly tell others you have invested in the life of this child.